peggy knickerbocker

Love Later On


Love Later On is a short, colorful, sophisticated book about how romance can work later in life. I never thought I'd meet a partner. I bought an apartment in Paris, had  affairs, wrote a book about giving Simple Soirees in Paris and San Francisco. I won a James Beard award for it. I was a fulfilled woman on my own, and then, of course, I met him.
This book is a hopeful, amusing tale of two 60-somethings from disparate backgrounds falling in love.



Advance praise for Love Later On


"Few people I know possess Peggy Knickerbocker's free-range zest for life, her frolicsome and loving heart, her willingness to tell tales on herself, however embarrassing.  All of that is gloriously present in this charming memoir of a good soul confronting romance after sixty -- and finding the courage to take the leap.  LOVE LATER ON is an unadulterated delight." 

/ Armistead Maupin  /

"This is a wonderful, charming and deeply honest book on a later-in-life love affair between the great cookbook writer and the very recently widowed man of her dreams. I fell instantly into its spell, and read it in two sittings."

/  Anne Lamott  /

"Peggy Knickerbocker's stunning memoir is a revelation: smart, poignant, funny and inspiring. In this wonderful book, Peggy provides hope for those who've given up on finding love, because, as she herself learned, love is waiting. And/but LOVE LATER ON isn't only about finding a life partner, but also about finding oneself. She inspires us with her openness, honesty--and her irresistible sense of humor."

/  David Sheff /