peggy knickerbocker

 " Peggy could take a dirty diaper, a bath mat, and a handful of rubber bands and wear it all in such a way that you’d swear it came from some store in Japan and cost a fortune. I have always admired her sense of style. And her sense of humor."

David Sedaris


Peggy Knickerbocker, a native San Franciscan, and daughter of a drama critic and a political activist, had a long and charmed career in the world of food. She taught cooking, ran a catering business in the 1970’s and co-owned, with her childhood friend, Flicka McGurrin, two colorful restaurants, one still thrives on the waterfront with McGurrin as sole owner. In 1989 she left the business to write about food. At first she wrote steadily for magazines such as Saveur, Food and Wine and Gourmet and then proceeded to write four cookbooks, the last won a James Beard Award. She’d eaten her way through every continent by the time she was done writing about food.

Along the way, Knickerbocker had the greatest friends and a fascinating life, including years in Paris. Her zest for life was marked with lots of laughter, enthusiasm and an intense curiosity. She’d wrestled most of her demons to the mat, but with men, she’d faltered. After an early divorce and one or two good relationships, she repeatedly under-served herself with her choices.

Late in middle age, Peggy realized that she was quite satisfied with her life. That was when the man appeared. She’d never considered a businessman, let alone one originally from the Midwest. Since Knickerbocker had come of age in San Francisco’s Bohemian North Beach during 70’s, she’d gone for unconventional and often unavailable men. Robert Fisher, a widower with innumerable attractions, pursued her hotly. She clung to her independence only to realize she could have it all. She discovered the man with whom she’d spend her life, and, along the way, the subject of her next book.


"It was when I became truly content on my own, that I was open to what came through the door in the middle of the night."

Christopher Hirsheimer

Christopher Hirsheimer